Hello there! How are you? Let me introduce my self...

My name is  Jamaica Candia Cunanan, I am your enthusiastic virtual assistant! I am 31 years old, born and live in Davao City, Philippines. I was race in a Christian community. I believe everyone is unique  and there is equality. I am married and gifted with two handsome boys. I like music,arts, fashion,design, health,beauty,travel and adventure. I am highly interested in business. I am an entrepreneur. I do things passionately and sincerely.I am logical and work professionally.I prefer quality over quantity.I am flexible and able to do multitasking.I am open-minded and socially conscious. I want things to be well-organized and systematic.I am determined to achieve my goals in life. I keep motivated by the successful people around me.I am aware that trust is earned, not to be given. I am a loving wife, a caring mom, a reliable worker, and a trusted friend.My vision and mission in life is to be blessed and be a blessing to others.